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Сергей М.

Сергей М.

I’ve studied English in 3 different schools with about 9 teachers or so. Based on my experience I can claim that this school is the best one.

Ellina is the best English teacher I’ve ever met. I have studied in a small group of students and estimated knowledge I got there was far above my expectations. But that’s not all! After finishing my course I took one-to-one lessons and that was really fantastic experience. I not only improved my basic skills such reading, writing, speaking, and listening but also got plenty of real life useful lessons. That is not that case when after finishing a course you can speak about global warming or competitive eating in Korea but can not use your English in real life. Here it really works!!

Education was always good investment and in this particular case it is the best one. Highly recommended.

Подготовка к сдаче IELTS.

Подготовка к собеседованию, разговорный английский.

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